VISIRIUM for Low Vision Aid
Light of hope illuminating the possibilities

You can see it, but you can't. That is low vision.

We will support “seeing” with retinal projection technology.

Difference from conventional LVA

Difference between LVA and VISIRIUM Technology

Conventional Low Vision Aid

Loupe, monocle, video magnifyer, etc.

Enlarge the text so that it can be read even with reduced vision.

Focusing is required.

VISIRIUM Technology


By directly projecting digitized information onto the retina, the functions of the anterior segment are not used.

No focusing is required.

Case Study

Case Study


Contribution to para sports

Introduced to training for low vision judo players (Mr. Shinsuke Ishikawa / QD Laser, Inc.). Practice and game videos are projected directly onto the retina to be reviewed.