Precise light drawn on the retina

Technology to freely control the light created by three primary color lasers.

Vivid images appear wherever you are watching.

Difference from conventional HMD

Difference between HMD and VISIRIUM Technology

Conventional HMD

・Depends on visual acuity and focus

・Focal gap between actual vision and image

・Eye strain due to frequent focusing

VISIRIUM Technology (Retinal Scanning)

・Independent of visual acuity or focus

・No focal gap

・Less eye strain

Various Purposes

Various Purposes

Conventional smart glasses have the problem that the background is out of focus when watching the video, and the video is blurred when viewing the background. This problem is solved by projecting a clear image directly on the retina.

This is a completely new method that allows you to see what you want to see instead of "see" with your eyes. This allows you to see both the image and the background at the same time, making it ideal for realizing AR.

We will show you a new vision in various scenes.

Watching sports

Case Study

Case Study

Traditional culture

"The Noh Association and Fujitsu signed a partnership agreement to expand their fans, and adopted ICT-based demonstration devices to promote the use of ICT in traditional culture."




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